Rental Application Process & Policies

– All prospective tenants of Gunnison Real Estate and Rentals are required to submit a fully completed Rental Application with a $50.00 non-refundable fee to be eligible for consideration of tenancy. Application fees must be paid before application will be processed and rental terms will not be discussed until any/all applicants have been approved through our process.

– All properties are first-come, first-serve. You are not first if you do not have an approved application. It is only after we have an approved application that you are considered a customer. In order to take the listing off our rental list, a non-refundable reservation fee is required to secure the unit for your move in date. This fee is transferable and will act as your security deposit upon move in. If you put a reservation fee down and later decide you do not want to move into that particular property that you put a reservation fee down on, you will not receive that fee back. Reservation fees are held until the unit is re-rented and prorated daily amount for the unoccupied time will be deducted from the fee.

– We do not rent sight unseen. You must put your eyes physically on the unit you would like to secure.

– We do not maintain a list of prospective tenants for consideration in different units.  If you are interested in renting from Gunnison Real Estate and Rentals please be diligent about checking the list for available rentals.  This is a live page and is updated as needed.

– First month’s rent and equivalent security deposit are both required upon move in for all rentals with the potential that the last month rent be paid in advance pending application status.

– “Pets negotiable or welcome” means that a pet must qualify with our company or have references. An additional refundable $300 pet deposit must be paid for pets over 1 year old or a non-refundable pet fee of $300 for pets under 1 year old. On select properties the “pet rent” charge is $15-$35/month per pet in addition to our published rental rate. A payment schedule can be put in place for those needing additional time to pay said deposits/fees. We also require that all pets and emotional support animals be screened and that can be done by clicking on this link

– Most of our properties will require a one year lease but occasionally some properties can be negotiated. The only units that are rentable on a month-to-month basis are our Mountainaire units.

– Gunnison Real Estate & Rentals does a monthly walk through inspection of all our rental units. Tenants receive a list of scheduled dates upon lease signing.

– Rent is due on the 1st of every month with a grace period until 5pm on the 5th. A late fee of $25.00 is charged if rent is paid 6th-10th, $50.00 is charged if paid 11th-20th and $75.00 is charged if rent is paid 21st-end of the month. These late fees are expected to be paid with rent. We no longer accept payments in the office, but do accept payments online via ACH with no fee, a debit/credit card with $10.00 fee, or  cash payments via “CheckFree Pay” at Walmart or City Market. NO PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED IN OUR OFFICE.

– When you have a lease signing date set up with our office make sure you have a copy of your utility receipts from the City of Gunnison, Gunnison County Electric Association and/or Atmos Energy showing you have put the proper utilities in your name.  Also we require Renters Insurance for all parties on the lease, and Gunnison Real Estate and Rentals must be listed as “Additional Interest.”

– Upon move out, your unit must be clean and move in ready for the next tenant. If you have not fulfilled our company standards, we charge $30/hr for cleaning, $30/hr for maintenance work, $30/hr for painting and $25/hr for any additional clerical work. All of the carpets in our units must be professionally cleaned by a licensed and insured cleaner. Rug Doctors and other carpet cleaning devices are unacceptable. We recommend The Finest Detail for carpets (970-417-8462) or Mountain Clean (970-641-3767) and A-Team Cleaning llc (970-596-6450) are who we recommend hiring before you move out and will be who we hire if your unit is not move-in ready to complete the necessary cleaning. If you would like some guidelines to what we expect on a move-out please view our Check-Out Checklist guide.

– If you wish to be present during the final check out walk through, you must schedule a walk through time and date through the office at 641.4880. PLEASE come by the office to make sure you understand all proper move-out procedures and obtain a cleaning guide in order to ensure the fullest security refund possible. We are here to help make move-out as smooth and complete as possible.

Normal Office Hours

Monday – Friday 9AM- 5PM

After-Hours & Weekend Showings

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