Check Out Checklist

  • Schedule carpet cleaning with a licensed and insured carpet cleaner (if carpet has been damaged over the years or by you and could be beyond cleaning, please contact our office before scheduling your carpet cleaning)
  • Schedule a time to do the check-out with our office as soon as possible. Do keep in mind we are happy to do a “soft check out” to help you along with cleaning process and make it clear exactly what we look for upon move out
  • Remove all personal property and trash, and remove to landfill if necessary. Prepare to return all keys as well as garage door openers if applicable.
  • Clean your unit fully – allow yourself a few days or plenty of time to do a thorough job
  • Make sure we have a forwarding address to mail your refund check to. Per lease agreement, the refund check will be mailed within 60 days of your move out date. Bring a copy of your final receipt of payment to our office after move out.
  • Pay any outstanding balance with our office and make final payments then close utility accounts. Utilities must remain in your name for the duration of your lease.

Cleaning Guide
Next to each item, we’ve included a time quote from our professional cleaners of what to expect if this area of cleaning is neglected by tenants.
Times will vary dependent on unit size and tenant’s cleanliness during occupancy.


  • Sweep/scrub/mop/vacuum floors (30 min-2 hour)
  • Clean stovetop & under burners (1 hour)
  • Clean oven inside and hood vent (1-3 hours)
  • Wipe or vacuum drawers, cabinets & cabinet shelves, and counter tops free from crumbs and dirt (30 min-3 hour)
  • Clean fridge interior, shelves, drawers & freezer inside out. Defrost if older model. Call office to see if you should defrost (30min-3 hours)
  • Clean sink and hardware (15 min)
  • Clean windows & wipe/dust out sills (15 min)
  • Wipe down walls from food splatter, grease, and cobwebs (15-45 min)
  • Pull out fridge and stove, clean under and on top (1-2 hours)


  • Clean sinks and counters free from dirt and soap scum & window sills (15 min-1 hour)
  • Clean tubs, showers & hardware free from dirt, hair, and soap scum (30min-1 hour)
  • Clean interior, exterior and base of toilet (1 hour)
  • Sweep and mop all floors (30 min-1 hour)
  • Clean all mirrors, cabinets, and windows (30 min)
  • Walls, ceilings & vent fans need wiped down (30 min-1 hour)

Living/Dining Room & Bedrooms:

  • Sweep/Vacuum/mop all floors (to prep carpet cleaning, vacuum corners and along baseboards) (30 min-3 hours)
  • Clean inside windows, dust and wipe down sills (30 min-2 hours)
  • Clean & wipe down all closet shelves inside out free from dust and dirt (30 min-2 hours)
  • Wipe down all baseboards and electric baseboard heaters (45 min-2 hours)
  • Take out any hardware you’ve installed (screws, nails, tacks, staples etc.) (1 hour or less)
  • Light Fixtures and switches (30 min-2 hours)


  • Sweep/mop/vacuum entire unit (1-3 hours)
  • Wipe down walls from dirt, dust, and grease (1-3 hours)
  • NOTE: excessive grease or nicotine stains can take hours’ worth of extra cleaning
  • Clean inside windows and wipe down sills (30 min-2 hours)
  • Pull out and clean under all appliances: fridge, washer, dryer, stove, etc. (1.5 hours-3 hours)
  • Dryer vent lint traps cleaned (5 min)
  • Clean bugs out and dust light covers. Clean all light switches (30 min-2 hours)
  • Dust blinds (15-30 min per set of blinds)
  • If garbage or furniture does not fit in dumpster, it is the tenant’s responsibility to schedule additional pick up with the city or remove to county landfill.
  • Electronics need special recycling—DO NOT leave any behind


  • Pick up all trash (30 min-1 hour)
  • Rake up outside debris (30 min-1 hour)
  • Mow and weed whack entire yard (30 min -2 hours)
  • Disassemble fire pits and reseed damaged area

While moving out, keep these businesses in mind…

For Carpets (required):

  • Joe Webber with the Finest Detail, LLC – 970-417-8462
  • Mountain Clean – 970-641-3767
  • Johnson’s Chem Dry – 970-641-3151
  • Clean n Pure Carpet Services – 970-641-3483
  • Quick Draw Carpet Cleaning – 970-641-4247

Please contact the office.

Maintenance/Damage/Drywall Repair:
Please contact the office.

**Please call our office at 970.641.4880 with any questions, concerns, issues, etc. We love a well done check out and will do what we can to help you meet our standards of clean and move in ready. Understanding the procedure, taking the time to properly clean your unit, and communicating with us are the first steps to ensure a full security deposit return.**

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